All-staff event the first Friday of every month

February 03, 2023

The first Friday of every month, we have an event for everyone working at Studieskolen. We have lunch together followed by ‘Fælles Forum’.

‘Fælles Forum’ (‘shared forum’) is a meeting in which our Managing Director, Charlotte Lorenzen, gives an update on developments at Studieskolen, and in which everyone can ask questions and talk.

Afterwards, there is always an interesting talk that is in some way relevant to the work that we do.

Today, we were visited by Daniel Turi Hedelund, consultant at Danish Technologial Institute and project leader in the national initiative AI Denmark. He gave a talk about the chatbot ChatGPT – a phenomenon that has quickly taken the world by storm.

Daniel gave us a lot of concrete examples and tips for how to use the chatbot straight away – for example as an inspiration in your lesson planning – while also pointing out the areas where it isn’t very reliable yet.

We also had a lively discussion about how it might challenge our jobs as language teachers down the line – and then again, perhaps not!

Finally, there was a ‘fredagsbar’ with drinks and snacks.

We have many different departments, and we also have colleagues that often work outside our premises or late in the evening.

It is important to us that we can meet and gain new inspiration in this way.