le:v:el workshop in Iceland

January 17, 2023

In January of this year, le:v:el - Studieskolen's centre of excellence for language teaching - visited Iceland in order to hold a workshop for language teachers for the second time.
The workshops are part of a one-year Nordplus project: ”New approach in implementing the CEFR in Iceland”.
In the project, the participants are teachers of other languages and subject consultants from three different learning centres for adult education in Iceland. However, the crucial work will be carried out by the language teachers who will subsequently be teaching from the material being developed.
le:v:els role is to support a group of language teachers in developing course content, course descriptions and material according to the content of CEFR on levels A1 og A2, and to support them in introducing a more communicative/functional approach to the teaching of other languages as well as adjusting their course structure and teaching style.
The workshop is the second of three, and there is great enthusiasm and enjoyment in the project group.