Our Study Centre helps retain Danish students

February 01, 2023

In our Studiecenter (Study Centre) we continually offer workshops and courses for our Danish students with specific linguistic needs.

It might be:

  • Industry-specific fields such as the experience industry, the health sector or the IT business
  • Linguistic challenges such as pronunciation for Asian language-speakers or Slavic-speakers, written presentation or oral communication
  • Language coaching sessions for students who need a little extra support finding their optimal style of learning
  • Challenges related to seeking work, such as writing a good CV and standing out at the interview

These offers help retain more Danish students. They get better at Danish and get help using Danish in a way that makes sense as well as offers value to their everyday life.

And it's popular! Here is a photo from a regular Tuesday at Studiecentret in Valdemarsgade a couple of weeks ago.