Presenting in English

As a professional you might be asked to give presentations in English about subjects that you are used to presenting on in Danish.

While you may be good at English and knowledgeable in your subject, when you give the presentations in English, you may lack the words needed to cement your ideas together.

In Presenting in English, you will learn and practise the vocabulary needed for every part of the presentation. We address grammatical issues, such as present and future continuous tenses (-ing forms) as needed.

The course will be tailored to your specific needs and will typically address the following issues:

  • Getting started - Formal and informal introductions, stating your purpose, effective openings
  • Moving on - Signposting: moving from one part of the presentation to the next, survival tactics
  • Visuals - Introducing visuals, commenting on visuals
  • Trends - Describing company trends, change and development, cause, effect and purpose
  • Questions - Clarification, answering questions, dealing with hostile questions
  • Sales - Presenting a product, pitching an idea
  • Using you voice - Articulation, stress, intonation
  • Techniques - Emphasis, rhetorical questions, tripling, power words, metaphors

Course format
Our Business English courses can be offered in a variety of formats and set-ups. We can form internal company classes or provide individual instruction for 30-40 lessons. The course can be held once or twice a week and with two to three lessons a week.
Courses can start up at any time with approximately one week’s notice, and can be held on the company’s premises (at a surcharge if it is outside Copenhagen) or in Studieskolen’s classrooms on Borgergade.

Course prices vary according to the contents of the course and the number of participants.

You may reschedule your session free of charge if you need to travel.

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