English course makes it easier to actively participate at work

AJ Vaccines develops and manufactures vaccines for diseases like polio and tuberculosis for customers worldwide. Recently, the company offered its employees English lessons at the office just after work. Camilla Petersen immediately said yes! She has experienced how frustrating it can be when you have something important to say but can't express it, simply because a meeting is conducted in English.

Camilla Sparre Fleron Petersen is a Laboratory Technician in the department known as MSAT (Manufacturing, Science and Technology). One of her responsibilities is to provide support to other departments. Sometimes, she finds herself in situations where communication is conducted in English.

"I've always struggled with English and felt uncertain about speaking in English. I never caught up with it. I understand English, but I can't actively contribute to the conversation. It's so frustrating when you have something to express," Camilla says.

Panic struck while welcoming a new colleague 

She recently had an experience where the department had to welcome a new colleague from Italy. It happened during a small breakfast gathering where everyone had to introduce themselves in English to the new colleague and the entire group.

"I panicked. My heart started pounding, and I felt really unwell. Later, it turned out that the colleague could understand some Danish. I could get away with introducing myself in Danish, and then I calmed down. But that's not how it's supposed to be," Camilla explains.

After the course: More comfortable in situations that require English

During the English course at Studieskolen, Camilla has used her English extensively. She's had short conversations in English and practiced English grammar. This has led to her using the English language more than before.

Camilla needs both written and spoken English in her job, so learning English grammar has been a great help. Even though she still isn't entirely comfortable with English, she has become more at ease than before.

What was once a hindrance is now associated with something positive. And according to Camilla the best part is this: "The course has given me the desire to continue learning English!"