Ib Holme Jensen

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a Danish artist. This is what Ib recommends.

Do you have a favourite place in Copenhagen?
”I am fond of Amager, which is where I live. Everything is here: all kinds of residences, shops, cafes, restaurants – and green spaces such as Amager Fælled toward the west and south and Amager Strandpark toward the east. I particularly like Amager Strandpark. Here, you can go for a walk, do exercise, lie by the beach and go swimming. Some Danes even do it in winter – ’vinterbaderne’ – but perhaps you prefer to only do it when it’s hot in the summertime.”

Who’s your favourite Danish writer?
”There are many good, interesting and exciting Danish writers. Nonetheless, I still want to recommend the most famous of them all: Hans Christian Andersen (known in Danish as H.C. Andersen). Some literary historians reckon that he created modern Danish (written) language with his fairy tales. If he is too difficult to start out with – then you can begin with some easy readers featuring his fairy tales.”