Louise Storm

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, a Danish artist or Danish literature. This is what Louise recommends.

What is your favourite place in Copenhagen?
"My absolute favourite place in Copenhagen is the area around the fortifications on Christianshavn and Amager Strand. I often take a walk where I start on the fortification by Christmas Møllers Plads and walk along the allotments to Kløvermarken. From there you have a good view of the towers of the city. After that I walk along the little beaches to the small harbour "Sundby sejl". I like the little beaches because they have grass lawns where you can sit and eat and talk or just gaze at the sea - and jump in it, of course! The small harbour has a super nice atmosphere - there is even a cheap restaurant."

Who is your favourite Danish writer?
"I enjoy reading. I have read the Danish writer Kirsten Thorup a lot - and there is plenty to choose from! Her descriptions of time periods, humans and destinies are very pertinent, honest and interesting. She isn't hard to read; perhaps you could start with Baby or Lille Jonna."