FVU (adult preparatory education)

Become better at reading and writing in Danish for free!
FVU Danish is for those who want to supplement their Danish education.

How to get started

Before you can start FVU, we have to make sure that FVU is right for you.

FVU Start

If you want to attend FVU Start, you have to talk to one of our student advisors.
Please book a meeting via e-mail or call +45 33 18 79 24.


FVU Læsning (Reading)

If you want to attend FVU Læsning, you have to come to a screening. The screening consists of a written test and an interview in Danish.

The screening lasts approximately 1-2 hours.

Book screening

Contact us for more information

Sladana Zivkovic

Language Consultant

33 18 79 13

Send email to Sladana Zivkovic