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Intensive and flexible Danish classes. Online Danish allows you to learn Danish anytime and anywhere. You get the full teaching experience with Studieskolen. You can practise your Danish online, meet your teacher and other students - like in the physical classrom.

Online Danish is for those who need a flexible and intensive Danish course. If you want to learn Danish with fast progression in an innovative digital learning universe, then these courses are for you. 

Perhaps you travel a lot, live far away from Copenhagen or have such a busy day that you do not have the opportunity to attend class.

Online Danish allows you to learn Danish anytime and anywhere. Fixed meeting times consist of weekly webinars where all you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection.

You learn Danish so you can use the language in your everyday life, at work and with friends. You get acquainted with Danish culture, allowing you to both understand and participate in Danish society.

An online course consists of:

  • A virtual learning environment with varied language exercises. 
  • Digital homework each week.
  • Extensive multimedia material: videos, audio files and interactive exercises.
  • One or two weekly webinars (a virtual classroom). Here we work together with the language, and you practise what you have learned at home.
  • Written and oral submissions with teacher feedback.

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Which learning platforms do we use?

For the classes

We use Zoom which is a professional video conferencing system designed for online learning. It can handle a lot of people at the same time. Studieskolen has extensive experience in using Zoom, and all our teachers are trained to teach using Zoom. Find out how we ensure good use of Zoom.

We also use

The learning platform Moodle for mail, materials and homework.

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You can call us or write us an email. Our course administration and student advisors are waiting to help you.

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