Ásla Marr Westh

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a Danish artist. This is what Ásla recommends.

Do you have a favourite place in Copenhagen?
”Copenhagen is a lovely city because you can bike everywhere. I like all the different areas ending in ‘-bro’ – they all have their own unique style. There are many options for going out – cafes and restaurants as well as music venues. A place I really like is Folkehuset Absalon on Vesterbro. They put on lots of exciting events and it’s an easy place to meet new people. I particularly like their communal eating every night, it’s full of hygge and cheap as well.”

Do you have a favourite place outside of Copenhagen?
”I love getting out in nature and I frequently go for nature walks. I often visit northern Zealand, and if the weather isn’t for walking, then I might take a trip to Louisiana. They always have interesting exhibits, and it is located in the most beautiful surroundings.”