Michael Eriksen

We have asked our teachers to recommend a special place or a Danish artist. This is what Michael recommends.

My favourite place in Copenhagen
”One of my favourite places in Copenhagen is Refshaleøen. It’s an old industrial island that once housed a large shipbuilding yard. Now it has been turned into a playground for entrepreneurs and creative souls.
Here you will find the largest street food market in the The Nordic countries, a place where you can taste food from many different places in the world and take part in a variety of entertaining events.
The wide open spaces are used for concerts and festivals, and the large old industrial buildings have got new life and blossomed anew.
It is a thoroughly unique place with a special atmosphere and calm. A certain industrial harbour nostalgia comes out, it stands in sharp contrast to the polished modernisation that characterises much of the rest of Copenhagen Harbour. It is an exciting place to go exploring, you will find lots of life and good experiences.”