Ask Ryding-Hernæs

Ask teaches Danish as well as Chinese.

Ask says: ”I teach Danish as well as Chinese - my mother tongue is Danish, and I have studied Chinese at university. Studying Chinese has given me a keen understanding of what it's like to learn a foreign language and get to know a different culture.”

For Danish, Ask recommends:
”One of my favourite places in Copenhagen is the Glyptotek. I am interested in art, and I go there to draw the beautiful scupltures. It is worth a visit. I also recommend seeing sculptures outside. Some good places are the King's Garden, Ørstedsparken and Hans Tavsens Park.
I live on Nørrebro, which I am very fond of. It has all kinds of shops, restaurants and many different people from different parts of the world. You can take a walk in Assistens Cemetery and visit the graves of Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard in pretty surroundings, and then walk up Blågårdsgade and have a cup of coffee - or look for interesting clothes shops on Elmegade.
Danish books Ask recommends:
"Kongens Fald by Johannes V. Jensen - a classic, historical novel about Denmark in the 1500s.
The graphic novels Valhalla by Peter Madsen - very impressive comic books about the Norse gods (can be read by children and adults alike!).”

About his experiences with Chinese, Ask says:
"I studied Chinese Studies at university, and I have taught Chinese to university students, children and adults. I personally was most fascinated by the Chinese characters, the cultural differences and the enormous momentum in China as a country. I have spent two years combined living in and travelling around China - and my journey never ends. The country is so vast, there is always a new place to visit.
I love communicating the language and I have a love for the written characters and their development.
I am interested in the politics, language and culture of China. When you learn a language from a culture on the other side of the planet, it also makes you view your own language and culture in a new way. I find that to be one of the most interesting aspects."

For Chinese, Ask recommends:
The Great Wall of China: You can visit the most popular place, Badaling, where the wall has been restored, but you can also visit Simatai if you are up for a hike. This part of the wall has not been restored, and you can walk in beautiful surroundings and get some good exercise.
Visit Xi’an and see the Qin Emperor's terracotta warriors!
Experience the bustling life of Beijing and experience history by visiting Mao Zedong's mausoleum.

Outry by Lu Xun, the most famous writer in China from the beginning of the 20th century.
The Three Body Problem by Liu Cixin, even Barack Obama has read it. A modern science fiction novel about aliens and science with references to more recent Chinese history.
Daodejing, also known as Tao Te Ching - en small book with a lot of depth.
The collected conversations of Confucius were recently published in a Danish translation. The thoughts of this ancient philosopher is one of the most important foundations in Chinese culture and society.

To Live (Huozhe) by director Zhang Yimou follows a Chinese family through China's modern history.
Red Sorghum (film version of the novel by Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan).
Ip Man (a genuine kung fu romp).

You are garanteed taste sensations whether you visit the local noodle joint or the most expensive restaurant. Every province has its specialties. My favourite is food from Sichuan Province - spicy and powerful food. You can always find food in China, just let your tastebuds guide you!