German Distance Learning

Learn German from the comfort of your home or office. No matter where you are physically, you can learn German with us. You can prepare to visit Berlin and Vienna again.

German Distance Learning

Which learning platforms do we use?

For the classes

We use Zoom which is a professional video conferencing system designed for online learning. It can handle a lot of people at the same time. Studieskolen has extensive experience in using Zoom, and all our teachers are trained to teach using Zoom. Find out how we ensure good use of Zoom.

We also use

The learning platform Moodle for mail, materials and homework.

Book a free trial lesson

Are you not sure that a language course with distance learning is for your? Are you afraid of wasting your money? You can now get a free trial lesson and try what it is like to learn languages with distance learning.
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Louise Madsen

Language consultant in German and other languages