Borgergade 12-14 and Gothersgade 14

At Borgergade/Gothersgade we mainly teach foreign languages, private Danish courses, Business classes and Danish Education 3.

See map of Studieskolen's premises at Borgergade/Gothersgade here. See map.

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Train: Nearest station: Nørreport Station Nørrevoldgade. Walking distance: approx. 10 minutes.

Metro: Nearest Metro stations: Kgs. Nytorv and Marmorkirken. Walking distance: approx. 5 minutes.

See bus schedules and timetables here.

There is parking available in Borgergade (see prices here).

Are you a wheelchair user?
To enter the school at Borgergade 12 and Gothersgade 14 - located in the same building - there are several options for you as a wheelchair user.
If you have a wheelchair which is less than 65 cm in width, you can use the entrance at Gothersgade 14 and take the elevator up to the first floor.
If you have a broader wheelchair, please contact Studieskolen on 33 18 79 00, and we will make sure that you will be shown to a larger lift.
Parking: There are four disabled parking spaces in Borgergade, close to Studieskolen.

Vending machines with coffee and snacks - and water
There are several coffee machines in Borgergade and Gothersgade.
You can also find cold filtered water free of charge - bring your own bottle!

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