Danish-Swedish cooperation

June 29, 2023

In cooperation with the Centre for Oresund Region Studies at Lund University, Studieskolen offers students from Sweden Danish courses every summer. The goal is better communication between Danes and Swedes in their native languages.

We can hear Swedish spoken in the hallways - that means it's summer at Studieskolen!

For many years, Studieskolen has offered people from Lund University in Sweden courses in Danish. The course always takes place the week after Swedes celebrate midsommar.

The course lasts a week during which the students stay in Copenhagen and have lessons at Studieskolen every day. This year, we have a total of 60 students and three different courses - two for beginners and one for people who already know some Danish.

All courses are taught by experienced Danish teachers with knowledge of Swedish.

Danish and Swedish languages are very similar but at the same time, they have enough differences to potentially create a lot of misunderstandings.

However, just a one-week intensive course is enough to give you an idea of the most important differences and to give the beginners the courage to communicate with Danes - without resorting to English.