What is language coaching?

See the film and find out how language coaching can be useful for you.


Learn language your way

Learn language more effectively - your own way.
Try language coaching online or on the phone.

Are you currently learning a language, and feel like you lack a plan for how to do it - or just a little more structure in the process? Do you need more specific resources and tools you can work with at your own pace from home? Or do you just want to maintain your language, but lack ideas to make it more exciting?

Language coaching can help you identify your language goals and how to achieve them, while helping you structure your learning.

When you book a language coaching session, we will contact you by e-mail and arrange a meeting with your coach on the phone or online. Together, you will focus exclusively on how you can achieve your goals and find the specific ressources you need.

Language coaching gives you:

  • A clear and realistic goal based on the resources at your disposal
  • Focus on new methods to learn the language - methods that are just right for you
  • An action plan that includes your language learning goals and how you are going to achieve them
  • Specific ressources and tools to help you achieve your goals

After the interview, we will send you a specific plan of action on how you can best work with your language in the future. The plan will also include links to the specific tools and ressources you can work with.

The first session lasts minimum 60 minutes and costs DKK 995. Follow-up sessions cost DKK 645.

For some people, one session will be enough to put in place a strategy for learning the language more effectively.
If you want follow-up sessions, you can just book them as you go.