Studieskolen's guidelines regarding coronavirus

We are doing everything we can to make sure it is safe for students and staff to be at Studieskolen, and we are of course adhering to official guidelines regarding space, distancing, hygiene and cleaning.

We expect from you that you…
  • stay home if you are ill
  • follow official guidelines about social distancing
  • follow official guidelines about maintaining hand hygiene using handwashing and hand sanitiser

Guidelines regarding space and distancing
Our rooms have different sizes and it is the size of the individual classroom that determines how many students can be there at once.
We will make sure that there is the recommended space and distance between teacher and students, and between students individually.

Guidelines regarding cleaning
Classrooms will be cleaned between every class. We will clean surfaces such as tables and the backs of chairs, and we will wash door handles and empty the bins.
Once a room has been used for a class, it must be cleaned before a new group can enter. We will mark this on the door so that we are sure no one will accidentally use a room that has not yet been cleaned.  
We will clean the toilets several times a day.
All our rooms have an automatic, continuous air ventilation system. Fresh air comes in from outside, and the air is sucked back out again. The ventilation works individually for each room, and the rooms are not connected. This means that the ventilation system is completely safe.  

Guidelines regarding hygiene
We encourage everyone to follow official guidance regarding hand hygiene. We clean toilets and sinks several times a day, and there is hand sanitiser placed at every entrance.

The Danish Health Authorities’ website on the coronavirus contains general information about the outbreak.

What do we do if a course participant has coronavirus?
In cooperation with the relevant authorities, Studieskolen has created a procedure that ensures our correct handling of cases where one of our course participants is infected with coronavirus.
It is important that the course participant contacts us. We speak to the individual to learn who he/she shared a table with in class, i.e. the people the individual has been the closest to.
After that, we personally talk to the instructor of the class as well as the course participant(s) that shared a table with the infected course participant.
We also send out an email to all the other course participants in the class to inform them.
Of course, we do not share the name of the course participant with others.
The authorities recommend that everyone – the instructor and the rest of the class – are extra vigilant of symptoms and careful to follow the recommendations for distance and hygiene.
However, it is not necessary for the teacher or the rest of the class to get tested. Neither is it necessary to cancel the class or move it to Zoom.