Erasmus visitors from France

February 22, 2023

This week, two teachers from a lycée in France are visiting Studieskolen to learn about our pedadogy.

At Studieskolen, it is important to us to keep learning and to share knowledge across countries.

This week, we are visited by Marie Chassin and Jean-Patrick Geraud, two teachers from Lycée Robert Doisneau in Corbeil-Essonnes, a suburb of Paris.

Marie and Jean-Patrick teach French literature to pupils aged 15-18 and general cultural studies to older students.

They came to Studieskolen because they were curious to learn more about Nordic pedagogy.

All this week, they are following a lot of different classes: English classes - online, in-person, at different levels and our special English class for Ukrainians. They are also attending French classes at different levels.

One of the things they have noticed is how systematic we are in our classes about making students speak together. They say that it is their impression that in France, the teacher speaks more.

They also said that Studieskolen in general has 'good vibes' and that they would love to work together with Studieskolen's teachers on future projects.

Their visit was made possible with the Erasmus programme, something that Studieskolen also frequently uses to help our own teachers visit other schools in other countries to get more knowledge and insight into language teaching.