The better I get at Danish, the higher my chances are of getting hired

Benedikt Burgmaier from Berlin chose to pursue his Master's degree at CBS in Copenhagen because his friends had recommended it. Now, he has grown fond of Denmark and is learning Danish at Studieskolen along with other students and staff from CBS.

Benedikt says that he felt like he was 'locked up' in Berlin during the coronavirus pandemic. When the lockdown finally ended, he wanted to go abroad and finish his education in a completely different place. Some of his friends had gone to Copenhagen and recommended studying at CBS.

He decided to follow their advice, and he certainly hasn't regretted it.

During his first semester, Benedikt focused on his studies and on adapting to a new city and country. But in his second semester, he discovered that Studieskolen offers the official Danish Language Education for students and staff at CBS.

As a German, Benedikt has some advantages in learning Danish because the languages are similar. So, Benedikt enrolled in Studieskolen's course for German-speaking students and staff at CBS. He has completed Module 1 and is now working on Module 2.

Intensive and effective learning

Benedikt said about the course at Studieskolen: "The course is really well-structured and very intensive. I like the group activities in the class and the textbooks." In addition to classroom teaching, there is also plenty of homework and tips for self-study to enhance progression.

Plans to work in Denmark

Originally, Benedikt's plan was to return to Berlin as soon as his studies in Copenhagen were over. But now he has developed a taste for life in Denmark. When he graduates from CBS in June next year, Benedikt hopes to find his dream job in Denmark. As Benedikt puts it:

"The better I get at Danish, the higher my chances are of getting hired." 

Focus on the goal: Communicating in Danish!

Benedikt is not quite ready to talk to Danes on the street just yet. But he's working on it!
"Our teacher recommended a podcast that I can actually follow because they speak relatively slowly. It's so helpful. And recently, we read the text of the Danish national anthem. Just think, if I ever go to a football match and hear it, I will be able to understand what they're singing! Pretty cool, in my opinion!"

For Benedikt, it's primarily about learning enough Danish to handle social situations. After that, he also wants to be able to navigate a work environment.

"My goal right now is to communicate in Danish. And if I can get even better, that's just an extra bonus."


Benedikt Burgmaier

"The better I get at Danish, the higher my chances are of getting hired."