CBS professor enjoys learning Danish

Although she is fond of her hometown Munich, Associate Professor Christiane Lehrer chose to settle in Copenhagen with her husband and son. Christiane landed her dream job at CBS, and now she's learning Danish at Studieskolen – and she relishes the process of learning.

Christiane Lehrer from Munich teaches digitalisation at CBS. It's a highly international job. Yet, she loves life in Denmark and has been living here for four and a half years now. She's ready to put down roots. Learning Danish at Studieskolen is a good way for her to do that.

Christiane works at the Department of Digitalization, teaching digital business models and platforms.

During the COVID-19 period, she started learning Danish. However, the restrictions made the course challenging, so Christiane put her Danish studies on hold.

The Danish course at Studieskolen is aimed at academics

About a year ago, Christiane started learning Danish again, this time at Studieskolen. The course is designed for German-speaking participants who study or work at CBS. This setup enables a good dynamic in the group and significant progress. Christiane was worried about having enough time for the course and homework. However, that concern was unfounded: "The classes are so exciting, and we make progress, so it's worth the time. And then, of course, you make time for it," says Christiane.

Exciting to be taught when you're a teacher yourself

"It's actually fun to learn Danish at Studieskolen. It's something I enjoy. And it's especially interesting for me because I teach at CBS. In the Danish course, I get to be the student for a change. And I like how our teacher makes the lessons engaging and motivating. For example, she introduces songs and teaches us about the cultural background," says Christiane.

Day care is a good place to get to know the Danes

Fortunately, Christiane feels that there is a good opportunity to get to know Danes and experience the famous Danish "hygge" (cosiness) which she has grown quite fond of. Especially with other parents at her son's day care. It means a lot to her to build a network through the day care, especially since her work is very international. But sometimes she gets impatient with herself and switches to English.

"My husband is not as perfectionistic as I am. He often speaks Danish at business meetings without worrying about making a mistake here or there," says Christiane with a smile.

The best part of learning Danish?

"The best part of learning Danish is the feeling of making this place my own home, putting down roots here, and becoming part of life here. I can't imagine living here without learning Danish," concludes Christiane.