Danish for Swedes

Target group
This course is aimed at Swedes living in Sweden or in Denmark, who need to speak Danish as part of their job or who simply wish to understand the differences between Danish and Swedish where vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation are concerned.

Course content
This course recognises the fact that although Danish and Swedish language and culture are similar, it is often difficult for Danes and Swedes to understand each other. There are many everyday words that are completely different in Danish and Swedish. There are also many “trick” words which sound the same, yet have a completely different meaning in each language. It is generally more difficult for Swedes to understand Danes as the distinction between the written and the spoken language is much greater in Danish.

Given these challenges, the course addresses the main differences and similarities between words and expressions in Danish and Swedish. We also focus on key differences between Swedish and Danish grammar. The greatest emphasis is placed, however, on pronunciation and listening comprehension exercises, enabling real progress in oral communication.

By the end of the course, students will:

  • have a solid understanding of the differences between Danish and Swedish
  • be able to communicate in Danish
  • master Danish pronunciation
  • be able to understand Danish when it is spoken clearly

Course structure
The course typically consists of between 20 – 60 lessons depending on the current level and specific objectives of the students. A preliminary meeting with the student will help us to understand the requirements and enable us to provide an appropriate course.

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