Strengthen your communication with French-speaking clients and partners

Do you – or someone in your company – need to get better at speaking French?

You usually won’t get very far speaking only English in France, and that goes for businesses, too. However, if you make the effort to learn and actually speak French, it will open a lot of doors for you in France. It will bring you closer to your business partners, and it will give you a much greater chance of landing orders and securing good working relationships with French businesses.

Perhaps you have partnerships with businesses not just in France? French is a global language, spoken in countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco and Canada. If you are already working – or wish to work – for an international organisation such as the UN or Red Cross, then French skills are highly desired – and often they’re a prerequisite. And the two European cities that are home to the biggest number of international organisations, Brussels and Geneva, are both French-speaking.

If you work for a larger Danish business, you often gain more than you might think from getting better at French. France is one of Denmark’s major export markets, so if you learn to speak or write French better, you can use those skills in many different situations. And if you are the one supplier or partner that speaks with your French-speaking counterparts in their mother tongue, you achieve many benefits:

  • You stand out and clearly show that you are willing to do something extra for this partnership
  • You will be able to reach a different depth in your conversations because your partner will understand you better and you can have more nuanced and detailed conversations
  • You get to know your partners better because they are more relaxed when they talk to you

There can be many reasons you want to get better at French now. Perhaps you:

  • Just started a new job or have new responsibilities that involve working with French speakers
  • Need to step up the partnership you have with your French clients because you are making a bigger push for the French market
  • Are attending concrete meetings or a conference and you need to be better at French for very specific conversations

Whatever your reasons for considering strengthening your French skills now, one of Studieskolen’s business courses in French may be what you need. We offer one-to-one lessons as well as group lessons for your entire team.

Why you should choose French courses at Studieskolen

At Studieskolen, we have more than 40 years’ experience teaching foreign languages. All our teachers have a university degree and receive our internal training in teaching a foreign language before they teach our clients. We continuously hone our teaching methods and we also teach Denmark’s upper secondary education (‘gymnasie’) teachers how to teach foreign languages using our methods. We know that the language teaching you receive at Studieskolen is in a class of its own.

We always target our business courses to your specific organisation because each individual organisation has specific needs:

Your classes must be efficient so that you quickly learn exactly what you need – and not all kinds of other stuff. For this reason, we base our teaching on the tasks you have to accomplish.

If you need to improve your written French, we can go through the fundamental touches that make your emails and other texts look professional and 100% French. If you are making a presentation in French, we practise it until you can do it. And if you are attending an important meeting, we practise the entire conversation and drill the different outcomes the conversation might have.

For most of our business clients, it is of great importance that we plan all teaching based on their specific field. This is because when you know the terms of your trade, you have the foundations for taking control of a conversation and any grammatical errors become less important. If you are already familiar with the most important terms of your trade in French, then we can concentrate on the grammar, your pronunciation or on making your language more fluent.

In many places of work, it is also important to know the cultural codes that apply to doing business in French, so of course, we cover those too. After all, it would be frustrating to lose a deal simply because you do not know what a French-speaking person expects from a foreign partner.

Ready to make a plan?

If you want to start your French course now, we can usually have a plan ready within a very short time, often within one week.
Before we can give you a concrete offer, we need to hear a little more about your needs and about how many you are. We are happy to visit and have a non-binding talk with you, your manager or your HR consultant, if you prefer. We can also meet online using Teams or similar.

The classes can take place in our classrooms in Borgergade, at your location or online.

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Your teacher writes a final report with recommendations on how you can maintain and extend your language competencies.