Welcome to Studieskolen

Being able to attract highly skilled foreigners is central to the ability of Danish companies to compete effectively in the international market.

According to a recent study by Dansk Industri companies in Denmark have major challenges convincing highly skilled foreigners to stay in Denmark long-term. One of the core reasons that they do not settle comfortably is that many choose not to learn Danish.

It is costly to attract and hire highly skilled foreigners, so premature departure of these talented workers is both a poor return on investment and a net loss of value, money and opportunity in a market where the war for talent is a crucial differentiator. 

A welcome and retention package, targeted at highly skilled foreigners and their families, can help foreigners quickly establish Danish language skills and greatly enhance their ability to settle in and connect with their host country.

Value proposition:

  • Language is a major factor in retaining talent
  • Early understanding of Danish culture is another factor in retention
  • Studieskolen offers a package that addresses both needs in one package 
  • It has the differentiation of using social and cultural events to cement learning
  • We deliver training in-house allowing the employee to save transport and valuable time
  • Studieskolen is uniquely positioned to provide this integrated language and cultural learning experience

We would like to give you an opportunity to experience a demonstration of our combined language and culture course. We have slots available through the day and early evening.

If you are interested, please contact us today by phone on 33187913 or by email.