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Danish courses for beginners
Level A1 is divided into two parts:

  • Danish 1.1 is for beginners who speak no Danish at all.
  • Danish 1.2 is for almost-beginners who have learned a little Danish. Maybe you have taken module 1 at another school?

Danish courses at basic and intermediate level 2-6
Each level is devided into two parts. You have to finish both parts to finish a level.
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Danish for Scandinavians
Do you speak fluent Swedish or Norwegian? And didn’t you get your dream job in Denmark? Maybe it’s because your Danish isn’t good enough.
At Studieskolen you can take Danish classes tailor made for native speakers of Swedish or Norwegian.
There are two levels – you will learn to speak, read, understand and write Danish.
Over the two courses we will go through all the sayings, misunderstandings and false friends that challenge a Scandinavian living in Denmark. You will also become acquainted with Danish literature.
When you have completed the courses, you will be ready to take Danish Exam 3.
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Danish online
If you need a flexible Danish course, then choose our online Danish.
You must be able to work independently with our online material - we 'meet' online once or twice a week.
You can choose Danish online for beginners and Danish online at different levels. After level 5 you can take Prøve i Dansk 3.
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CEFR - the European Framework for Languages
See how the levels of our Danish courses relate to both the European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR, and the Danish Education System with modules.