Iben Rasmussen

Do you have a favourite place in or outside of Copenhagen?
”One of my favourite places in Copenhagen is the top of Amager Bakke. From here, there is a fabulous view over Øresund, Saltholm and Amager Strand to one side, and to the other side the green area around Christiania, all the city’s towers and much more. If you want to get outside of Copenhagen for a while, you can go for a lovely walk following the river Mølleåen from Lyngby Station to Skodsborg Station – using public transport at the beginning and the end of the walk makes it easy to do without a car.”

Can you recommend a Danish novel?
”If you want to read a book that describes a meeting of cultures within Denmark’s borders, it could be Stine Pilgaard’s ’Meter i sekundet’. Some of the things she describes in the book is what it’s like moving to a new place and trying to build new friendships. She also pokes fun at the Danish højskole culture and writes new lyrics to a couple of classic højskole songs.”