Tilo Krause

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a Danish artist. This is what Tilo recommends.

Do you have a favourite place in Copenhagen?
”In Copenhagen I am most fond of Amager, the island I also live on. This is where you will find Grønlandske Handels Plads (Greenland Dock), from where, in the old days, ships would to sail out toward Greenland in spring. Today you’ll find the cultural center Nordatlantens Brygge (North Atlantic House) in this location, a place where you can get a whiff of the Arctic.
On Amager, you’ll also find Copenhagen Airport from where you can travel out into the whole wide world. I often bike out there and watch the planes taking off and landing.”

How about outside of Copenhagen?
”Outside of Copenhagen, I like Gedser the best – it’s Denmark’s southernmost town. From here, ferries sail to Germany and there is a small and cosy museum where you can look at old train carriages. The old train station in Gedser also appears in Denmark’s most famous TV show, ’Matador’, as Korsbæk Station.”

What Danish musician are you fond of?
”My favourite Danish musician – hmmm, perhaps Carl Nielsen? Everyone in Denmark is familiar with his songs, but I am most fond of his symphonies. Especially his fifth, in which the snare drum runs amok and tries to disrupt the music. But in the end, it doesn’t succeed – the orchestra is victorious!”