Vera Sønderby Jensen

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a Danish artist. This is what Vera recommends.

Your favourite place in Copenhagen that’s free
“I live in Frederiksberg, and I often choose to take a walk in Frederiksberg Gardens when I need a little fresh air. I always pick different routes around the gardens and let my thoughts flow freely as I enjoy the little lakes and canals and the different birds, trees and shrubbery.
I walked the garden paths thin during the shutdown and every day I noticed little harbingers of spring signaling that hope was, after all, ahead!”

Your favourite music
”One of my favourite songwriters is Jonas Petersen from Hymns from Nineveh. At one point he has called his songs for ‘little hymn-like pop songs’, and that is what they are. Jonas Petersen finds his inspiration in old Danish hymns. This has resulted in his latest Danish-language album, named Sindets Asyl. In it, you enter a world that contains sorrow, hope, regret and euphoric joy. I truly recommend listening to the album – and going to a Hymns from Nineveh concert."