Danish for Health Care Professionals at Studieskolen

Healthcare Danish is a Danish course focusing on how to communicate with citizens, residents or patients in the healthcare system. Communication is important - especially when you are helping and caring for another human being. In the course, you will learn a basic working language that you can use to be part of a working community. You will also learn common terms, vocabulary and abbreviations that are frequently used among healthcare professionals.

We have developed 3 courses in Health Danish. You should start with course 1.

Course 1

Course 1 is built around relevant healthcare topics.
You will learn

  • How to present yourself in the workplace
  • How to communicate with your patient about food and meals
  • Words and expressions related to the body and symptoms
  • How to instruct, guide and motivate verbally in demanding care situations

The course also includes a focus on the most common diagnoses such as dementia, diabetes and COPD, along with their associated symptoms.

Course 2

Course 2 is a continuation course that builds on what you have learnt in course 1.
Here we teach healthcare topics such as

  • vital signs
  • skin and wounds
  • respiration
  • circulation

What do you say when you need to measure blood pressure, temperature and pulse?
The training is based on work situations, and you will practise communicating as a healthcare professional and learn how to give advice and guidance based on the so-called KRAM factors.

Course 3

Course 3 is for you if you have completed the courses 1 and 2.
Course 3 is aimed at a healthcare job search in Denmark. You will learn how to write a good CV and cover letter.
In addition, we practise job interviews and the questions/answers that are typically asked.
We work on how you can communicate your professional and personal competences in the best possible way.

Who can enroll in Danish for Health Care Professionals?

You can enroll in Danish for Health Care Professionals if you have a healthcare education or work in the healthcare system and are enrolled in the Danish Education Programme at Studieskolen.
You must start on course 1.

Course 1 is for students at DU2 module 3 and above, and DU3 module 2 and above.

It is a requirement that you can engage in short conversations in Danish, and you should know how to construct questions. You must be prepared for the teaching to primarily take place in Danish.

When and where?

When: New courses will start after the summer holidays,.
Where: Studieskolen, Valdemarsgade 16

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