Annemette Skot-Hansen

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a piece of Danish music. It could also be a Danish writer or artist. This is what Annemette recommends.

What are your favourite places in or around Copenhagen?
”I live a little outside of lovely Copenhagen. When my family and I pack up our backpacks and walk around the city, I always get the same feeling that this is a small and big multicultural capital city all at once. A city that is busy modernising itself along with the times in the middle of all the historical and cosy stuff that is just allowed to stand. For example, it is an experience in itself to visit the cinema Grand Teatret, and on a warm day, you can sit outside with a coffee and feel the quiet bustle of life in Mikkel Brøggers Gade before the film starts.
The Planetarium, which has films as well as exhibitions, is also a very interesting place for the whole family, and the giant dome screen is really impressive. It is always fun and educational to hear about the starry sky as it looks right now – it is a source of eternal fascination and really prompts some reflection, I think.
When we are hankering for some nature, we enjoy packing up our car and driving to the other side of Zealand to Asnæs or Røsnæs. There are many good hiking trails here, and you can really feel yourself get blown through by the strong wind.”

Who are your favourite Danish artists?
”Musically, I really like to listen to Carpark North, but also the band Nephew, who have now broken up. Their frontman was the amazing Simon Kvamm, whom you should also experience as an actor. Likewise the satirist Frederik Cilius, aka Kirsten Birgit, who berates the Danes in his (/her) wonderful New Year’s speeches. The level of his (/her) language in these speeches is unique and really funny.”