Mirela Foksanovic

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a Danish artist. This is what Mirela recommends.

Do you have a favourite place in Copenhagen?
”One of my favourite places in Copenhagen is Christianshavn, a unique area of Copenhagen known for its cosy café culture and canals with houseboats. I also am very fond of Christiania, a unique place with a special atmosphere and really good eateries. Christiania also has a very varied cultural life, whether you wish to listen to music, dance or simply meet new people. I use Christiania to meet up with my friends for a bite of food or to dance the tango.”

Do you have a favourite place outside of Copenhagen?
”I live in Northern Zealand myself, and I really like the fact that Northern Zealand has woods and nature, something I make use of a lot. I am especially fond of the art museum Louisiana, which not only has magnificent art, but is also surrounded by incredibly beautiful nature with a lovely view of the sea. In the summer, the museum has a lot of outdoor events where you get to enjoy the wonderful Northern Zealand nature.”