Nina Maria Ginman

We have asked our teachers to recommend a place, some Danish music or a piece of Danish music. It could also be a Danish writer or artist. This is what Nina recommends.

Do you have a favourite place in Copenhagen?
 ”I really enjoy going for a walk near Landbohøjskolen on Frederiksberg. There is a beautiful garden there (‘Landbohøjskolens Have’), full of colourful flowers, and the atmosphere is almost poetic. The garden is so beautiful that it almost feels like you are in a movie, especially if the sun is shining.
I also have to mention Carlsberg Byen on Vesterbro. The area was completely renovated recently, and now it functions as its own small town in the middle of Copenhagen. The area has to parts, called Gamle Carlsberg and Nye Carlsberg.
There are shops, flats, cafes and schools, as well as stations for the train and metro. It’s a lovely place to go for a walk while looking at all the fun and cool buildings that have recently sprung up in this new part of town.”

Where – and what – do you like to read?
”If you like reading books or listening to audiobooks, I recommend finding a bench on Sankt Thomas Plads or in Frederiksberg Have. I enjoy sitting there with a book and a cup of coffee and observing all the people walking by. If you are looking for short stories, I particularly recommend Pia Juul, who has a good amount of ironic distance to the challenges of everyday life. Her short stories are written in a fairly simple language, and the length of her texts is manageable.”

Is there a podcast you’d recommend?
”If you prefer listening to podcasts, I’d recommend ’Brinkmanns briks’.
On this show, different researchers and other professionals discuss a variety of subjects, and the programme gives you good and relatively nuanced insights into subjects such as the Danish welfare state or bullying.”