For beginners

When you, or a group from your firm, have completed a beginner bourse in a language, you can manage some very basic situations.

You will learn to:

  • Use customary greetings
  • Present yourself and explain a bit about your company
  • Ask other people questions, for example about their lives and careers
  • Understand and use everyday expressions
  • Speak and interact with the locals, if they speak slowly
  • Receive and pass on a simple telephone message

During the course we will also talk about the business culture in the nation and the varied cultural codes which exist in all countries.

Which languages can you learn?
Naturally, we teach the main European languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. You can also learn a variety of other languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Dutch and Greek. We teach the languages spoken in the Nordic countries: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic and Greenlandic, and we offer courses in languages like Indonesian, Hindi, Thai, Persian and Hebrew. Contact us if you need a language that is not mentioned here.

How are the classes conducted?
We always take into account the participants' needs and tailor the course accordingly.
Most people initially need to speak the language. That is why we work a lot with speech skills and conversational exercises. We include listening and writing exercises to the extent desired by the employees.
We emphasize varied teaching techniques, so we use many different types of assignments, among other things, role-playing. We work with textbooks and authentic materials, often from the participants' professional field.

Teaching materials
We choose teaching materials based on the needs of the participants.

Course structure
Courses can be run as group classes or on a one-to-one basis.
In order to learn a language at the basic level you will need a total of 60 to 90 lessons.
We typically arrange classes with 3-lesson sessions once or twice per week. 

Courses can begin at any point in the year with approximately one week’s notice and can be held at the company premises or at Studieskolen in Borgergade, Copenhagen.

Contact us

Call us or send us an email. Then we can help you and your organization to learn a language.

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Your engagement with Studieskolen Business


Please contact us and we will send you a quote. We match you with an experienced teacher best suited to meet your needs and requirements.


Your language teacher will generate a personal training plan with course topics and learning goals.


At some point you or your company will receive an invoice. Upon completion of your course we kindly ask you to evaluate.


Your teacher writes a final report with recommendations on how you can maintain and extend your language competencies.