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Studieskolen has + 40 years of experience in language teaching and is one of Denmark's largest schools with courses in Danish and foreign languages.

Since 1982, using the name Studieskolen Business, we have also taught languages to companies as well as public and private organizations. Thus, we have contributed to ensuring effective communication both within companies and across boarders,

We offer language teaching in virtually all languages and at all levels. In our experience, companies' need for language tuition varies a lot. For example, it spans from a beginner's course in Turkish to a course in legal English at negotiation level. Whatever your needs are, we tailor and customize content and teaching method for you.

We have 150 teachers, all of whom have a university degree and teaching experience. This allows us to choose the specific teacher who best suits your needs. Both in relation to when you want your class and in relation to specific subjects, cultural differences etc.  

We associate a language consultant with your course. The language consultant closely follows the course and the progression of your employees. It is a great advantage that you can always contact the same person if you have questions about the course or if you want to change anything.

If your employees have to prove how good they are at languages, they can take several language tests at Studieskolen.

Studieskolen is Denmark's only exam centre for Cambridge English Qualifications and you can also take a TOEFL test.

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