Professional development for foreign language teachers

December 11, 2023

With support from the City of Copenhagen, we recently gathered almost 50 foreign language teachers for a day-and-a-half seminar at Konventum near Helsingør. The goal was professional development and teaching that facilitates even more active language-learners.

Studieskolen has received support from the evening schools' development fund in Copenhagen for the further education of foreign language teachers.

The project consists of two parts. One part focuses on incorporating more activating exercises in language teaching, shifting the focus from the teacher to the learner, providing you as a student with even better opportunities and support to speak with the language you have.

The second part is a series of collegial learning conversations, where our teachers have received brief training in coaching conversations and visit their colleagues in teaching. They provide feedback on one or more activating exercises to their colleagues.

Visiting colleagues' classes is very rewarding for both the visitor and the teacher being visited. It provides a rare opportunity to reflect on one's own practices and, of course, on the practices of others. It is healthy and educational.

In our everyday work, we do not have time to visit each other, so it is invaluable to have the opportunity to undertake a project like this. It strengthens the collegial community, and we are confident that these experiences can be transferred to other evening schools.