IA Sprog becomes part of Studieskolen

June 26, 2020

New partnership between IA Sprog and Studieskolen

IA Sprog and Studieskolen have agreed upon a cooperation, where Studieskolen from October 1st will take over and continue the operation of Danish courses and FVU at IA Sprog.

The background for this agreement is the changed market conditions in The Municipality of Copenhagen since July 2018. With this new cooperation IA Sprog and Studieskolen will stand strong as a provider of Danish courses and FVU in Copenhagen.

Studieskolen will continue its current activities unchanged. IA Sprog’s name, teaching activities and facilities on Hejrevej will also continue, however under the management of Studieskolen.

We are looking forward to continuing our strong tradition for offering education in the high quality, which both parties have been known for in many years.