Photo identification requirements at Danish Education tests

You must provide valid photo ID at written as well as oral tests.

It is a condition for taking a test within the framework of Danish education for adult foreigners and others that you present photo identification at the written as well as at the oral parts of the test. This is in accordance with the Danish law ”Bekendtgørelse nr. 88 af 24. januar 2021 om prøver til voksne udlændinge m.fl.” section 10 subsection 2. The law is also known as ’prøvebekendtgørelsen’ (‘the exams act’).
According to section 10 subsection 3 of the law, the identification can be one of the following:

  1. Passport, residence card (’opholdskort’), alien’s passport (’fremmedpas’), convention passport (’konventionspas’) or driving licence issued by a public authority in Denmark.
  2. Passport, identity card or driving licence issued by a public authority in another EU/EEA member country or in Switzerland.
  3. Passport issued by a public authority in another country than those mentioned under 1. and 2.  

If you do not have one of the above-mentioned forms of identification, then you must apply to Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration (SIRI) for permission to use another kind of identification at the test.
You must apply to SIRI at least 4 weeks before the start of the test period, according to section 10 subsection 4 of the law.
If you receive permission to bring another kind of identification, then you must bring this permission with you to the test, cf. section 10 subsection 5 of the law.
It is your own responsibility to make sure that you bring the correct identification on the day of the test.
If your identification is being held at the Danish Immigration Service (Udlændingestyrelsen) because of a case being handled there, then you must make sure to request from the Danish Immigration Service that they either give you your identification or provide you with a verified copy of your identification. You must ask them no later than 8 weeks before the test.
If you do not bring correct identification to the test, you will be turned away from the test.


  • In plenty of time before the test, make sure that you have the necessary identification (so that, for example, you still have time to contact the Danish Immigration Service if you need to).
  • If you are in doubt as to whether you have the correct identification, ask at Studieskolen in plenty of time before the test.
  • Remember to bring your identification with you on the day of the test!  

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