Danish conversation practice

Do you shy away from having certain conversations in Danish? Learn how to express yourself precisely, find the right words and get comfortable using them in conversation with Danes.

Once you start being able to speak some Danish you get a natural desire to use what you’ve learnt as much as possible outside the classroom. Perhaps you need that extra push in order to be able to participate actively in more conversations. You are not alone. A lot of people who speak Danish as a second language experience this need. Luckily, help is at hand in our courses focusing on conversation practice.

In the Danish conversation practice course you will work on:

  • practising speaking Danish fluently
  • listening to Danish and understanding the words
  • pronouncing words in a Danish accent
  • learning special words in Danish that relate to your field
  • taking part in light negotiations in Danish

Is a course in Danish conversation practice for you?

This course is for those of you who speak Danish as a second language and want to get better at participating in conversations in Danish. The content of the course depends on your level. However, this course is not for beginners.

Aim of the course

The conversation practice course is structured to strengthen your linguistic abilities in the following areas:

  • honing your accuracy and fluent communication skills
  • developing your confidence in conversational Danish on relevant topics
  • enriching your Danish vocabulary – both generally as well as related to your field

Run of the course

The course can be run as1:1 teaching or in groups. An example could be a 12-week course with teaching once a week. The course can also be done as online teaching. Homework is an option but not a demand.

Danish skills crucial for dream career

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