German teachers happy going 'back to school’

August 07, 2023

German teachers from all over Denmark gathered at Studieskolen last week to participate in an intensive one-week course tailored for German educators

On the sold-out course, all participants had ample opportunity to engage in speaking German themselves. Simultaneously, the focus was on practical teaching methods as they are applied in the state and private schools where the participants work.

Everyone on the course came home with a wide range of practical exercises, sufficient for an extended curriculum in Year 8 or 9. Additionally, they worked on crafting an individual curriculum they could use in their own teaching.

Throughout the course, emphasis was placed on oral proficiency – not only encouraging teachers to speak more German themselves, but also guiding pupils to engage in more dialogue.

The timing was impeccable, just before schools resumed following the summer holiday.

The course was led by German instructor and Master in foreign language didactics, Laila Breilø, who herself has a background in school teaching. In her role as a German teacher, she places particular emphasis on oral communication and on making sure that learning German is fun!

Participants in the course expressed great satisfaction with the program, and we anticipate repeating this success next year.