Danish Language Test 2 - Prøve i Dansk 2

Prøve i Dansk 2 (written level B1, oral level B1+) is a test of your Danish language skills. It shows whether you have achieved a general ability in Danish language and have been introduced to Danish culture and society in a way that makes you able to work and function as an active member of society. It also indicates if you are able to participate in qualifying education and further professional education.

Prøve i Dansk 2 is devised by the Danish Ministry of Education. It is state-controlled and takes place twice a year.

Next test

The next Danish Language Test 2 will be held in May/June 2024.
The deadline for signing up was 4 March..

Written test

Takes place on 15 May from 9:00 to approx. 12:00.
The written test takes place at the same date and time across Denmark.
It is not possible to use a PC/Mac during the test.
The written test takes place at Fredeiksberghallerne, Jens Jessens Vej 20, 2000 Frederiksberg.

Oral test

The oral test will take place between 10 and 21 June from 9:00 to 17:00.
You will get the precise date for your oral test in the end of April and you will get the time at the end of May.
Unfortunately, you cannot pick the date and time for your oral test.
The oral test takes place at Studieskolen, Borgergade 12, 1300 Copenhagen K.

IMPORTANT! You must show photo ID

You must show valid photo ID at both your written and oral tests. Click here to see the rules for photo ID.

If you don't have a valid photo ID, you must make an application to use another kind of ID. You have to file the application at least 4 weeks before your written test. Send the application to SIRI (Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration) by writing an email to:

When you receive a reply on your application, you must forward the reply to Studieskolen at

Dispensation to take the test under special conditions

If you have dyslexia, a mental or physical disability or other comparable difficulties, then you can apply for dispensation to take the test under special conditions.

You must register for the test before you can apply for dispensation.

You can apply for dispensation by sending an email to Studieskolen will then contact you regarding documentation (a dyslexia test or a doctor's note). You must apply as soon as possible and no later than 18 March.

Test fee

The test costs 1520 DKK.

Refund policy

  • If you cancel your registration before registration deadline: we will refund 100 % of the exam fee. We will deduct an administrative fee DKK 100.
  • If you cancel your registration after registration deadline and no later than two weeks before the written test: we will refund 50 % of the exam fee.
  • If you cancel your registration later than two weeks before the written test: We are not able to refund the exam fee.

Are you a student at Studieskolen?

If you are signed up for module 6 of Danish Education 2 at Studieskolen, then you don't need to pay for the test and you will be automatically signed up for it. If you have any questions about the test, you can ask your teacher.

Please note that you lose the right to further Danish Education when you pass an exam on the same or higher Danish education level than the one you are currently attending.
If you want to continue learning Danish, you can always register for a course at Studieskolen, where you pay yourself. Click here to see the courses.

Later test in 2024

The written test for Prøve i Dansk 2 will be held again in 2024 on 13 November 2024, the oral test will be held between 2 and 13 December 2024.