Studieskolen’s language taxi

Come along on a trip with our Sprogtaxa (language taxi).
We drive our students around Copenhagen while we explain the difficulties and peculiarities of the Danish language.

Studieskolen’s Sprogtaxa

Language taxi with Tatiana and Maria

'Nøddeknækkeren' - the soft d-sound

Studieskolen’s Sprogtaxa drives Tatiana to The Royal Theatre. On the journey, she and Danish teacher Maria discuss the difficulties in Danish pronunciation, and Maria explains how to pronounce the soft Danish d. Watch along and learn how to place your tongue in order to pronounce a perfect soft d.

Test yourself on d-sounds

Language taxi with Kevin and Maria

The Danish numbers 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90

Studieskolen’s Sprogtaxa drives Kevin to K.B. Hallen. In the car, driver and Danish teacher Maria helps him with some difficulties in the Danish language. The Danish words for numbers between 50 and 90 are strange and difficult – watch along and find out why.

Test yourself on numbers in Danish

Language taxi with Daniella and Maria

Sauna culture and the difference between 'nogen' and 'nogle'

Daniella is going to the bathhouse in Christiana. Maria picks her up in Studieskolen’s Sprogtaxa and they talk about sauna culture. You can also learn the difference between ’nogen’, ’nogle’ and ‘noget’.

Test yourself on 'nogen', 'noget' and 'nogle'