Tailor-made language courses

We offer a wide range of courses in a variety of foreign languages as well as Danish for foreigners. Based on each client’s specific requirements, we design a course that reflects those needs and objectives.

About us

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For HR-employees

Give your employees the opportunity to settle in and acclimatize in the workplace.
We help foreign employees learn about Danish language and culture and we help Danish employees to acquire the vocabulary you need to use in your company.

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For private learners

Take a language course tailored to your needs.
We start with what you already have learned, and then we plan a course that takes into account your reasons for learning the language, the time you have available, your learning style and more.

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Katja Larsen-Davis

Business Manager

33 18 79 34

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Sladana Zivkovic

Language Consultant

33 18 79 13

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