Tailored and flexible individual language training

We provide tailored language training in Danish and more than 30 foreign languages.

Take a language course tailored to your needs. Whether you need to use the language privately or in a professional context, we tailor the course to your individual needs.

We start with what you already have learned, and then we plan a course that takes into account your reasons for learning the language, the time you have available, your learning style and more.

Lessons can be held at Studieskolen in the centre of Copenhagen or perhaps at your workplace. We can also use distance learning via Skype.

In this step by step guide, we will take you through the process, and you can read about prices and other practicalities.

Getting started

  • The first step is to contact your language consultant and discuss your language needs. When your present language level has been assessed, we will suggest a programme which is composed of a number of suggested lessons and costs. Each lesson is 45 minutes and costs 545 DKK + VAT. For each additional participant in the course, 50 DKK is added per lesson.
  • If you agree to our offer, we sign an agreement and we are ready to start. We will send you a link to our online language test, which will help us assess your needs and match you with an experienced teacher best suited to meet your needs and requirements. The course can be scheduled at fixed times or you can choose a more flexible course where the meetings are agreed as you go along. Each meeting is comprised of minimum two lessons. You always have the opportunity to change your meeting appointments with 24 hours notice.
  • Your language teacher will carry out a detailed Needs Analysis from which they will generate a personal training plan with course topics and learning goals. You will be consulted on the training plan and asked to approve it. One of the purposes of this analysis is to decide which teaching materials are best suited to you. If necessary, we can send copies of all documents to stakeholders in your company. We can invoice you individually or your company, whichever suits you best.
  • Midway through the course, we will ask you to evaluate the progress and your teacher. If your needs have changed, or you would like to make changes, we will revise the course plan together.
  • When you finish the course we will send you a link to our online evaluation. Your teacher writes a final report with recommendations on how you can maintain and extend your language competencies.

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