About us

By delivering high-quality language teaching, our mission is to provide businesses, public and private organisations with tangible and measurable skills that make them more effective in intercultural communication both within their own organisation and in the wider world.

By offering these skills, we believe we are actively contributing to the improvement of a company’s social and professional relations, which in turn has an impact on their profitability.


Katja Larsen-Davis, Business Manager
Phone 33 18 79 34
E-mail: kala@studieskolen.dk
Katja Larsen has a Master’s degree (cand.mag.) in Danish. She has 10 years’ of broad experience in the education sector in Denmark and has led different projects within the area of language and literature. 
Between 2007-2012 Katja was employed as an associate professor at the University of Beograd, where she taught Danish language, culture and literature to students of Scandinavian Studies.
In 2013 Katja came to Studieskolen Business. For some years, she worked as a language consultant responsible mainly for the Danish courses, and now she is the Business Manager.

Sladana Zivkovic, Language Consultant
Phone 33 18 79 13
E-mail: slzi@studieskolen.dk
Sladana Zivkovic has a Master’s degree (cand. mag.) in Linguistics and a BA in Spanish and Linguistics. For several years she worked as a customer consultant for Kuwait Petroleum Danmark. In 2011-2016 she worked as a Danish associate professor for Vilnius University where she taught linguistics and Danish language, literature and culture to students of Scandinavian studies. In 2015-2016 she also worked for the Danish Bank Lithuania where she taught Danish to their employees.
In 2016 Sladana came to Studieskolen Business where she is responsible for the Danish courses.

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