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Many spouses want to work in Denmark. Are you one of them? ‘Spouse Connect's Career Coaching’ is a series of workshops spread over 6 days, where in groups of up to 8 people you are coached to help increase your job opportunities in Denmark.

If you have experienced the challenges of moving to another country, then you are not alone!  Perhaps you have left an exciting job, and are now confronted with a completely different daily life, a foreign language, a whole new culture, and a lot of time at home.

The workshops will increase your self-confidence and your ability to express your personal strengths and competencies; inspire you into action and provide you with a social network of like-minded people.
Our experienced coach, Charlotte Gundorph, has helped hundreds of foreigners enter the Danish labour market. Now it's your turn.

Career Coaching is designed with a diverse range of delivery methods such as presentations, group work, individual work and reflection. The workshops help you to realise your strengths and your job potential, whilst giving you insight into the Danish job market and work culture. Overall, the workshops propel you into finding and enjoying an enriched working life in Denmark.


Once you have registered for Career Coaching, here’s how the workshop progress:

  • ½-hour information meeting with your Spouse Connect team leader who will welcome you and the other spouses. This meeting will take place ½ hour before the first scheduled meeting. 
  • 1-hour introductory, individual coaching session with Charlotte Gundorph during the first week
  • 6 days of career coaching in teams of up to 8 participants (3 x 45 minutes)
  • 1-hour final individual coaching session with Charlotte Gundorph
  • ½-hour counselling with your Spouse Connect's team leader

We will work with your personal brand - what distinguishes you from the other job applicants? You will learn how to overcome your obstacles and break out of your comfort zone. An important part of the Career Coaching sessions is the Danish job market and working culture. You will learn the do's and don'ts and see examples of typical Danish job applications and CV’s. Finally we will prepare you for real life job interviews in Denmark.

The career coaching workshop is in English.

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