Charlotte Gundorph Jansen

Owner of the company Charlotte Gundorph Coaching, who has been working with career coaching, work-life balance, stress and life coaching one-on-one and in small groups since 2006.

Holds a Master of Business Coaching, MBC (EMCC accredited – European Mentoring & Coaching Council). Is also a certified professional stress coach and a trained life coach.

Training and further education:

  • positive psychology
  • strengths based coaching
  • resilience
  • systemic/narrative coaching
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • protreptic coaching
  • cognitive coaching
  • mindfulness.

Her approach to coaching is evidence-based and she continues to develop her competencies and skills through supervision, networking and training. Furthermore her coaching is based on the EMCC and ICF defined Codes of Ethics for coaches.

In addition she has 23 years of experience with teaching, councelling and coaching of highly educated foreigners, expats and their accompanying spouses at Studieskolen, KISS - Københavns Intensive Sprogskole, Danskbureauet and several Danish companies.