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If you miss meeting up with other spouses in Copenhagen and surrounding area, then you are not alone. Spouses from Helsingør to Roskilde and Køge to Næstved also want the same thing - to gather, share experiences and have some fun with people in a similar situation.

Spouse Connect hosts a monthly event which brings together interested spouses and every once in a while, their children and partners. Each event centres on a cultural experience, for example, a visit to the opera in Copenhagen, a lecture in the Black Diamond with a Danish author, a tour of Christiania, or a rock concert in Vega.

However, it’s not just about the cultural aspect, the purpose of each Spouse Event is to give you the opportunity to meet with other spouses, enjoy each other’s company, share concerns and have fun while getting to experience Danish culture.

Once the organised event has ended, many spouses carry on and go and have lunch in the heart of Copenhagen, walk to the playground with the kids, or go and have a drink in the city together. It’s up to you.

Next event will be December 6. from 16.00 to 18.00 - a family event with Danish Christmas theme.

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The event is sold out and it is no longer possible to sign up.

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